A unique and timeless way to keep the memories of who your child is now, forever.




They don't stay little forever; capture these sweet memories while you have the chance! 

These films are a great way to make sure you never forget each mannerism, high pitched squeaky laugh, or the sound of their little feet running across the hallway floor. We aim to capture all of your favorite things about who your child is in this season of life. 

The Little One Film series is for children of all ages. 

Each Little One Film session is scheduled for 1-2 hours at a location(s) of your choice. Usually, the home setting works best because that is where your child is the most familiar and comfortable. Within 24 hours of your scheduled session, you will receive a 30-60 second sneak peek video of some of our favorite clips from the session. 

Within two weeks of your scheduled session, you will receive your 3-5 minute Little One Film. You will now have these digital memories forever. You can gift them to the grandparents, share them on social media, and treasure them for many years to come! 

Sessions start at $350